The Early Years

Where better to start than at the beginning? A wise man once said “It’s better to start before the end” and I have to agree with that. But where did Willy Artho begin?

Growing up in a quiet English town by the seaside my childhood wasn’t particularly remarkable, I was quiet and very well mannered (a trait I still have today) and kept myself to myself. I had a few friends but was never in with the cool kids per say.

One thing that did help me with other kids was my football talent and help from local philanthropists. Our local cummunity is generously sponsored by an Estate Agents Thorpe St Andrew. The team I played for wasn’t very good at all but one of my friends played for them and I wanted to stay loyal to him. I have always been very loyal to people and sometimes other peoples deficiencies in this quality have hurt me but more about that later. I was offered trials with 2 top Premier teams and even had scouts from Spain looking at me but I thought I would stay on the same team as my friend despite the rave reviews about my performances.

School was the same, I had opportunities to progress at a higher level but didn’t. This was a decision I regretted as I started to think about college and university. I knew I had the aptitude and intelligence to succeed in pretty much anything I chose but my indecision cost me.

It was around this time that I started to get into music and in particular 60s music. I had seen a few scooter rallies coming to my town and decided that it was a look that I could pull off, after all I am not the worst looking I suppose.

As I said my childhood was fairly unremarkable but look out for my next post ‘Teenage Wasteland’ and find out what happens next on the rollercoaster that is my life.

Teenage Wasteland

The teenage years can be difficult for anyone and I was no different, I may have some regrets but then again they are probably too few to mention. Music helped me through a lot of bad times like getting dumped by my first girlfriend.

I had been known Meredith Goldhorn for years, all through school up until the time that we started dating. I won’t bore you with the details but apparently I was too possessive. I only wanted her to know how much I cared for her but she couldn’t see that and ended up going out with a lad a few years older than me. I ended up getting into trouble because he confronted me about messaging her and tried to attack me. I roundhouse kicked him and knocked him clean out. Despite never having had any Karate training I am confident that I could compete at a high level.

Even though I was clearly acting in self-defence I was made out to be the bad guy but my fortune were about to change.

I had bought a scooter as soon as I turned 16 and my friends all started calling me ‘The Ace Face’ because of all the attention the girls were giving me. I started going to a few scooter rallies and before I knew it I had made good friends from all over the country. I was even asked to join a band that you will have heard of because I had the right look but I turned it down to concentrate on my ambition of becoming a pro sheep herder.

I had first seen sheep herding on the TV as a young boy and was captivated. I managed to train my Labrador, Richard, to a fairly high standard but when the opportunity came up for me to try out for nationals I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out because the judges had their favourites. An independent sheep herding fan told me he thought we were the best there but there was nothing I could do. My dream was over but I had to just get back on my feet and carry on.

After that disappointment I carried on and had a few short relationships with girls. Nothing tends to last for me in that department because they see me as to “into” the relationship whatever that means. I am just a guy trying to find love and treat a girl right. It makes me so angry when you read about girls complaining that there are “no good men”. Maybe there are but you aren’t interested?

It was around this time that I got my first at a confectionary factory which meant I put on a few pounds over the course of that job. I knew that I had to get myself in shape though and luckily have been blessed with a good build so it didn’t take too long to fit back into my tailored suits.

As I got promoted to senior supervisor and because I was approaching my twentieth birthday I decided it was time to leave the teenage me behind and that is when I started looking for a house.

House Hunter

Looking for a house is not easy and especially if your expectations are as high as mine. I was never one to settle and I always lived by the ethos that if Willy Artho wants something and Willy Artho works hard enough then Willy Artho will succeed.

It’s not easy being born a winner in life because it takes a lot of hard work to get here. I think of myself as a bit of a perfectionist from the way I dress to the way I handle my business.

I am really looking for somewhere with a garage so I can work on my growing collection of scooters, I’m kind of a big deal in the Scooter world at the moment.

A guy like me needs a property that reflects my character and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. I am looking for something quite close to my family too and handy for work is a must. So far I have narrowed it down to a few properties on this site, I won’t tell you which ones because I know a lot of people follow my style and may try to gazump me.

Undoubtedly I will have loads of swinging parties as my musical tastes have been spreading from 60’s music right up to80’s music so getting something detached will, I’m sure, keep me on better terms with my neighbours.

Fingers crossed I will be able to meet someone soon but unfortunately I am still not having as much luck in that department. I have no problem talking to girls, I am a great looking guy after all, but they never seem to be as serious about a relationship as they say they are.

It’s difficult in the modern times to have a good old fashioned relationship. Social media is good for getting to speak to and meet people but it can be a problem as people have been known to take offence if I talk to their girlfriend. I never do anything wrong, In fact I am sometimes called Artho the Gent because I have so many manners, and I would never try to break up a relationship. I think people may just be threatened by my good looks, great style, incredible business sense, unparalleled intellect and understated modesty.

Fingers crossed I will have news soon in regards to a new relationship or Artho Towers as my new pad will be called.

Here and Now

It has been longer than I would have hoped since I last updated the blog and a few things have changed for me. I finally got myself a great new place, really happy with it at the moment and it even has a garage for me to keep the scooter in. I've been riding it more and more now after visiting the Chiropractor and getting my dodgy back seen to. Turns out I don't stretch enough and my hamstrings are quite tight from riding the scooter so much. So now I'm taking up Yoga  a little bit in the house in the morning and night so I don't wake up all stiff.

Unfortunately I haven’t been so lucky in love; I have had a few relationships that just haven’t worked out. I don’t think anyone is looking for a gentleman or romance anymore. I don’t like to go to night clubs, it is really not my scene and to be honest, I am above it. Maybe one day I will find a girl that is right for me.

Update*** im glad to announce I start a brand new job at Eger24 on the 1st of August. I enjoyed my time working at Tesco and have met some really good people on that journey but it’s now time to move on. For those that are not familiar with Eger24, they specialise on providing small to medium size businesses with information on commercial office space, serviced office space and shared office space rentals. I will be taken up the roll of new business manager. A great opportunity within a well-respected company in the office space rental market.

I also got a new job and even though I have been offered modelling work as well as contracts from some top teams I have always enjoyed working with the public and recently started a job in Tesco, it’s really good for chatting to women too and more often than not they can’t keep their eyes off me, it is always my luck that they have boyfriends though.

I have also booked a trip down to Brighton in a couple of weeks, the scooter is off the road so I had a look about for some cheap train tickets, most took me through London which is great. I was also on the lookout for train times and managed to get a connecting train down to Brighton on the 5:15, I’ll have to get “out of my brain on a train” to quote The Who.

Apart from that things have mostly been quiet apart from a bit of bother from a couple of guys that were up to no good. They had been causing a bit of trouble in my neighbourhood so using my martial arts skills I walked right up to them and let them know in no uncertain times that we wouldn’t stand for it. They took one look at me and legged it, they haven’t been back. After I did that this gorgeous woman in her late 30’s, older women always seem to love me, came up and hugged me but her husband was there so it didn’t go any further.